Homesites Helping Heroes: Donations and Appreciation, Both in Abundance

WALKER COUNTY, Texas, Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite phase three of Texas Grand Ranch hitting the market, the team chose to focus instead on our veterans and how they can in-turn be served by the community they fought to protect.

"Through talking to Michael Berry and learning about the cause he supports, Camp Hope, I was saddened to learn a statistic that really hit my heart," said Managing Partner Gary Sumner. "Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day, so we decided to help him and Marcus Luttrell with their causes." Sumner explained that the success of Texas Grand Ranch, the new Walker County development enabled the giving to both Berry and Luttrell's causes, Camp Hope and The Lone Survivor Foundation, respectively.

"We know freedom's not free and we appreciate the veterans for their service, and the owners and donors for their contributions," Sumner said.

The contributions hit particularly close to home for Luttrell, who grew up in the area.

"Once I was retired, I came right back here," he said. "I do not have have PTSD, I have the greatest day of my life every day and it's because of the people around here...something about this land breeds warriors."

Many of those people were the donors and sponsors of the event and are even new residents of the development.

The donation amounts were incredible with the community generously raising the bulk of the day's contributions:

Texas Grand Ranch donated $50,000 to the two foundations, $25,000 to each cause; Sponsors raised $25,000; Donations prior to the event with Texas Grand Ranch matching was $4,580; the raffle at the event raised $1,313 and event donations contributed an additional $771 to Camp Hope.

"I can't counsel a veteran suffering from PTSD, I can't understand what they've been through, but another veteran can," said Berry. "So these funds will go directly to them, not buildings, not salaries."

Contact Information:

Phone: (888) 473-5175