Red Creek Land Company

Red Creek Land was incorporated in 1994. We are a wholesale land company that specializes in purchasing, developing, and marketing large ranches in Colorado. We have the ability to purchase properties outright or work with individuals or institutions to assist them in selling their properties.

Since our inception, Red Creek Land has marketed over 100,000 acres of land. We are interested in properties ranging from 3500 acres to 20,000 acres depending on its location, access and other criteria. Red Creek land company has over 30 years of experience which we can utilize to develop, market and sell all types of property for all types of clients.

We would be happy to discuss any possibilities with you.

Red Creek Land Company, LLC serves the area around Pueblo, CO. Feel free to contact us via any of the methods below.

Phone: (866) OWN-LAND | (866) 696-5263
Fax: (719) 543-2018

Mailing Address:
Red Creek Land Company, LLC
131 South Main Street
Pueblo, CO 81003