Michael S. Patten

Chief Executive Officer

Over the last 30 years, Mike has managed the development of more than 400 projects ranging in size from 500 to 30,000 acres in more than 30 states generating billions in sales. From the beginning , Mike has been responsible for the strategic direction of Patten Sales & Marketing as well as leading the acquisition, marketing, and disposition elements of the business. Mike has been, and continues to develop a network of experienced partners to leverage real estate opportunities across the country. In late 2009, Mike moved our headquarters from New England to Naples, Florida to take advantage of the real estate down turn. Since January of 2010, Patten Companies has purchased over $700 MM in face value notes in over 30 transactions across 44 projects. During this depressed real estate market Patten Companies has averaged $125 million in sales annually.


  • Acquisitions
  • Distressed Asset Analysis
  • Financing – Note Purchases, Developers Workouts, Bankruptcies, Short Sales